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Decorating Ideas

  1. How does Sajalo & HD Architecture is building your dream homes in Pakistan?

    Well, let's start with an introduction to HD Architecture. HD Architecture is a Home Designing and building company located in Lahore Pakistan.

    Here the more detailed video on HD Architecture:

    HD Architecture is the partner of Sajalo for Floor Decorations and Carpet stuff.

    Here is an HD Architecture executed project showcase with Sajalo:

    And here are some of Sajalo's additions to beauty and comfort: 

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  2. Best educational options for Kids room

    This is your ambition which is to our knowledge that you want to raise thinking as well as mind power of your kids at any rate. There is a distinctive mean to do so.

    We have mutated in such kind of learning. Kid’s native quality is to attract towards fast colors considering this we are offering you a range of rugs with a lot of peculiarities. Kids memorize many things during playing.

    These rugs include shapes, colors, alphabets, counting, day and night, map, fruit, and others. These rugs are intently designed for you. So modernize study room in your home. On the other hand, something should be on the entertainment.

    As we know kids become bored when they spend more time on learning. We have a key for it. Usually, kids have a cartoon entity as a role model and they often follow it. Keeping an eye on it, we exhibit you a variety of rugs for this purpose.

    Barbie, Ben 10, spiderman, hello kitty and other Disney cartoon entities. A surprise for your whole family is “LUDO” game of the ancient time. These are all flamboyant features of kid’s rugs. So create pleasantry environment, Spread pleasures and Play together. 

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