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  1. How does Sajalo & HD Architecture is building your dream homes in Pakistan?

    Well, let's start with an introduction to HD Architecture. HD Architecture is a Home Designing and building company located in Lahore Pakistan.

    Here the more detailed video on HD Architecture:

    HD Architecture is the partner of Sajalo for Floor Decorations and Carpet stuff.

    Here is an HD Architecture executed project showcase with Sajalo:

    And here are some of Sajalo's additions to beauty and comfort: 

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  2. Wall To Wall Carpet Online In Pakistan

    Looking for Wall to Wall Carpets then check out our collections at From the beginning of human being, man is found to use many ways to separate himself from the uncomfortable ground, or the surface he used to walk, sit and sleep. As time passes many things discovered for human solace which was fabricated or natural material. The first carpet was discovered in 1960 in Magnolia. From that time the carpet is being used and it has categories. Many types of carpets are now available in the market at International level. Carpets are now everywhere. Actually, it is right to say that a home is incomplete without carpets or rugs. One of them is wall to wall carpet. Wall to wall carpets is being used everywhere now. In Pakistan, there are many companies which offer these carpets. Sajalo is one of them which offers all types of wall to wall carpets. Sajalo company offers wall to wall carpets online now. Wall to wall carpet is one of softest material which is available in the market. It provides a cushioned surface for your feet. To guarantee you get a style that is suitable for your space, it's essential to know the attributes of the distinctive sorts of covering accessible. These are very softs. It just gives us a touchable moment. While walking on the wall to wall carpets, we can feel comforted. Wall to wall carpets is available at sajalo to buy online. 12 by 12 feet wall to wall carpets at Wall to wall Carpets has some types on a different basis, we will discuss here some types: Wall to Wall Carpet in Nylon Fiber Nylon is the most strong and stains safe floor covering fiber accessible when treated with stain insurance. It is the fiber of decision for homes with pets and youngsters and for the individuals who engage a ton. Ideal for substantial traffic in lobbies and stairs. Wall to Wall Carpet in Polyester Fiber Polyester is prized for its capacity to hold energetic, blur safe hues. The fiber is additionally non-allergenic. As a rule, this material is produced using reused plastic jugs, making it eco-accommodating. Wall to Wall Carpet in Polypropylene Fiber Polypropylene is nearly as delicate as nylon. Otherwise called olefin, polypropylene filaments are like regular fleece and are frequently utilized as an engineered fleece substitute. Wall to Wall Carpet in Saxony Cut Pile Saxony heap is made of individual strands standing straight all over to make a lavish, fluffy surface. Wall to Wall Carpet in velvet cut pile this style includes short, thickly stuffed strands which, together, make a rich and sumptuous rug surface. Shockingly, this floor covering style is genuinely touchy. Inclined to wear out, scraping, and appearing, velvet floor covering heap should just be utilized in lavish, low-traffic settings. Reasons to love wall to wall carpets: There are plenty of reasons to dump the hard stuff to support the delicate quality. So we will discuss some reasons to convince you, just stay with us: Wall to wall carpets Softness As we know that kids hate to curl up and a hard floor to play. They just like a soft and smooth surface to play. You can feel that if a kid is playing on a soft wall to wall carpet, how much relax and enjoying he is. You will definitely see that he/she is much happier having this cushioned material under his/her feet. Carpeting gives a padded surface so children's creative impulses can run wild. So you can say that softness is the first reason to choose a wall to wall carpets for your home. It will be always on priority. Always keep in mind before moving next reason to buy wall to wall carpet. Wall to wall carpets Versatility Yes, wall to wall carpets is versatile. There is plenty of colors and combinations which is easily accessible. There are many patterns which start from digital to traditional designs. So select the carpet as you wish. There are no more limitations on carpets. Now carpets are available in contemporary designs. And the traditional lovers will get traditional carpets. So we can say that there is something for everybody according to thier choice. Wall to wall carpets Warmth Warmness is also the major factor while selecting the wall to wall carpet for your home. When you sleep warmth ness is most important in cold. Carpeting always feels warm. You will sleep well in warmth carpeted room. So we can say that warmth carpeted room is also a major factor. Maintenance of Wall to Wall Carpets Some people think that having a carpeted room is irritating because it is not easy to clean and maintain a carpeted room. Wall to wall carpets is much easier to clean and to maintain. On the off chance that you have cats or dogs, regardless of how regularly you clear, despite everything you'll kick it into high gear around on hardwood floors. One end to the other covering is anything but difficult to keep up. Vacuuming and periodic cleanings are everything necessary. What's more, treatment of stains is getting a lot less demanding with new innovation. Today most stains can be effectively expelled in the event that they are dealt with right away. Luxury protocol Having Wall to wall carpets If you ever had a chance to stay in luxury hotels, there you will see carpeted floor definitely. Because it is the luxury style that suits royally. You can look over numerous styles and hues. That implies your definitive decision will reflect on how you need to customize your living space. A floor covering can be an unbiased establishment or a point of convergence with intense example and energetic shading and surface. Having carpeted room also give us feeling in luxury protocol. Wall to wall carpets Reliability And Safety Having carpeted rooms means safety and security for health. You may slip on wooden or marble floor. But you will not slip on the wall to wall carpet means carpeted rooms. So in this way carpeted rooms are much safe. These are also beneficial for kids and oldies. Wall to wall Carpeting is perfect for padding our strides, diminishing slips and falls, and limiting wounds when falls do happen. It can give well being assurance to the entire family, yet particularly for babies and seniors. Also, remember about your pets. How frequently have you flinched as the canine or feline endeavored to take a corner excessively quick and slid into the divider? Help pets out: Give them some footing. Wall to wall carpets Durability As you know that carpets are long-term assets. They stay with us for many years. And if we care and maintain them carefully and regularly, they glow and shine every time. Wall to wall carpeting will keep up its life and excellence for a long time when legitimately cleaned and kept up. Wall to Wall Carpet Prices Yes, it is right to say that the wall to wall carpet is low in price than wood flooring. That sounds pretty cool huh? It is a very good deal to buy wall to wall carpets keeping in mind these benefits. Slashing a room up with hardwood and a region mat won't give you that region of the ground surface that outwardly opens up space, similar to one end to the other covering does. The passage level cost for covering, an underpaid and establishment are essentially not as much as hardwood floors. Obviously, there is top of the line costs for either gathering, however covering is still more affordable, particularly when you factor in the expense of establishment; hardwood is substantially more work escalated. So, these were the reasons on which basis you can buy and ready your mind for the wall to wall carpets. Purchasing the correct sort of floor carpet for a room in your home includes more than finding a style in the shading you like. You first should think about your way of life—what you ordinarily do in that room—area, material, development, and upkeep. Floor covering producers have reacted to mortgage holders' craving for incredible looks, esteem, and simple support with numerous developments and choices as of late. There is an assortment of floor carpets styles, examples and hues to look over to fulfill any close to the home style and match any stylistic layout. Rug's padded surface retains sound and is less loud to stroll on than hard surface ground surface. While thinking about reasonableness, carpet is a standout among the most affordable ground surface items to have introduced. Wall To Wall Carpets Online You can buy these wall to wall to wall carpets online via the best online decoration site which offers all type of rugs and wall to wall carpets almost each and every category. Carpet prices per square foot in Pakistan are affordable now. You can visit and check for Carpet prices per square foot in Pakistan. Sajalo offers carpet prices in Lahore in every range. Sajalo Pakistan we offer Online Shopping Store in Pakistan, Online Ikea Product in Pakistan, Kitchen & Dining, Decor, Furniture, and Carpets & Rugs shopping.
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  3. Best educational options for Kids room

    This is your ambition which is to our knowledge that you want to raise thinking as well as mind power of your kids at any rate. There is a distinctive mean to do so.

    We have mutated in such kind of learning. Kid’s native quality is to attract towards fast colors considering this we are offering you a range of rugs with a lot of peculiarities. Kids memorize many things during playing.

    These rugs include shapes, colors, alphabets, counting, day and night, map, fruit, and others. These rugs are intently designed for you. So modernize study room in your home. On the other hand, something should be on the entertainment.

    As we know kids become bored when they spend more time on learning. We have a key for it. Usually, kids have a cartoon entity as a role model and they often follow it. Keeping an eye on it, we exhibit you a variety of rugs for this purpose.

    Barbie, Ben 10, spiderman, hello kitty and other Disney cartoon entities. A surprise for your whole family is “LUDO” game of the ancient time. These are all flamboyant features of kid’s rugs. So create pleasantry environment, Spread pleasures and Play together. 

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