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Prayer Rugs

  1. Prayer Rugs Janamaz In Pakistan Online at Sajalo

    A prayer rug is a piece of carpet used by Muslims for Islamic Prayer. It is not a simple piece of carpet that usually used by people. It's a religious thing that is very precious near the Muslims. As Muslim pray in in clean place so Janamaz or prayer rug is kept so clean for the Muslims. There are many manufacturers of prayer rugs worldwide. But in Pakistan Sajalo is the only name which you can rely on prayer rugs online in Pakistan. 

    Prayer Rug Muslim 

    There are many designs of prayer rugs or janamaz. These prayer rugs usually decorated with beautiful geometric shapes and patterns. But not only with the shapes and patterns, prayer rugs also decorated with beautiful images of landmarks of Islam like Kaaba and Madina. Drawing of animated objects are prohibited in Islam so prayer rugs can't be decorated with these images. Prayer rugs can only be decorated with beautiful Islamic images. To believer of Islam and over th world, an janamaz or prayer rugs – known as sajjadat salat, a term borne out of the exhibitions of surrender done in the midst of Islamic prayer (sujood) – is found in every Muslim home and is normally a steady travel companion that keeps running with the Muslims.

    At the time when the opportunity for praying a prayer comes, the Muslim lays the floor prayer rug on the ground, with the goal that the top focuses towards the direction of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. After saying the prayer, the prayer rug is quickly collapsed or folded and set away for the next prayer's use. This guarantees the prayer rugs stay clean as janamaz.

    Size Of Prayer Rugs

    Prayer Rugs Janamaz are more often than not around one meter (or three feet) long, sufficiently only for a grown-up to fit easily on when stooping or prostrating. Present day, economically delivered rugs are frequently developed from silk or cotton. if we see the prayer rugs pattern and examples, the more seasoned prayer mats can reveal to you their starting point, which clan or town they were woven by, what message they attempted to encapsulate and whether they were normally utilized or not from the wear or tear. Now after reviewing the history of prayer rugs we can say that it's really a precious piece of carpet for the Muslim all over the world. Now if we say that prayer rugs janamaz are available online in Pakistan there the only name arises which is Sajalo presents a collection of prayer rugs online to buy. Cheap prayer rugs are available online to buy at sajalo. There is plenty of different types of prayer rugs available at sajalo.

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    You can see at prayer rug collection section that covers luxury prayer mat, islamic prayer rugs wholesale, Persian prayer rugs, thick prayer rug, beautiful prayer rugs. One of the best prayer rug at sajalo is Diamond janamaz rugs. It is the best prayer rug quality ever online in Pakistan. If yous search prayer rugs online in Pakistan at sajalo, so this will be recommended prayer rug online. You will never find like diamond prayer rug online in Pakistan elsewhere online at any shopping store. Only available at sajalo click prayer rugs at sajalo. Pakistani usually use Janamaz term for prayer rugs. Buy Online jananamaz at sajalo store in Pakistan. For janamaz click here You can see our prayer rugs collection at by visiting this link. Click here to go to Prayer Rugs Section. There are almost every kind of janamz or prayer rugs available to buy online at sajalo. Sajalo Janamaz Rugs,

    Sajalo Beige Janamaz,

    Sajalo Green Janamaz,

    Maroon Janamaz Rugs,

    Diamond Janamaz Red/Navy,

    Diamond Janamaz Green,

    Diamond Janamaz Biege/Red,

    Sajalo Beige Janamaz Rug,
    Sajalo Green Janamaz Rugs,

    Sajalo Red Design Janamaz.

    You can also see a video of Diomond Janamaz Rug at Youtube, click following link to see that:

    Dimond Prayer Rug's Video

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